Hi there, 


thank you for checking out my blog.

Throughout the years this has been everything and nothing.

- in the dark ages this was a dark diary and community. Facebook and fast social media killed the blogs a decade ago.

- in the medieval times this was nothing but a cultural blog recopyig my articles for Gentblogt and Belgium's finest movieblog: de Filmblog

- in modern times nothgin happened here but occasional photography.

- in all times: I've been reporting about my travels anyway, you can find some separate blogs left up my blog. I have been photographing since I can remember from childhood till now. Selfmade man, don't care about technique or latest hypes. I do what I want and how I want. Still learn everyday :-)

And maybe this is just what you are not looking for.

Anyway when you bump into something interesting on my blog, feel free to let me a note.

Everything is copyrighted. So please ask if you want to use one of my pictures.


About me:

Globetrekker, foodie, social media, professional, photographer, observer, gothic, metal, nature, WFTDA rollerderby referee and merby player, cycling, hiking, concerts, culture,...

Well-educated, easy-going, well-mannered, but don't talk to me if I'm hungry or I haven't had my coffee yet :-)


Sit down, relax and have fun!



Facebook: mostly only people I met in real life.



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