The Aliens have Landed

Nasca lines - the astronaut

The picture above features "the astronaut"... a design figure drawn in the ground on the hillside in de Nasca-desert (Pampa de San José) by the pre-inca culture of Nasca. Nobody knows the mystery of these lines... How did they drawn them...what technique and why? Maria Reiche, a German who escaped Nazi-Germany spent her whole life (1946 - 1998) discovering them and unveiling parts of their mystery. Were the lines an astronomical calender? Was it designed to help organize planting and harvesting? Do the lines connect sacred places , are they pathways leading to sacred places, the sources of underground water in the desert? Do they predict the coming of rains?
Well, i think the astronaut is a really strange one...he's not like the other lines, if you look at the spider, kolibri, brid...the astronaut is WAVING. Towards the heavens. So, my theory: he's welcoming the Aliens that landed there some centuries ago...

The Aliens have landed

The same enigma is the figure above. This "tree" is a huge design on a hillside somewhere on an island just outside the Paracas Bay, you encounter it on your way to the national wildlife reserve of Paracas: the Ballestas Island where you can have a real life national geographic experience, some say: the Aliens made it, others claim it's a navigation tool for Pirates that came along the shore these early wild days. Whatever it is...it's fascinating...

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Niet de eerste keer dat ik deze tekeningen zie, ze blijven mij boeien.

Posted by: pieterbie | 08/16/2010

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