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Definitely take your time to discover Chinatown. You can take the bus and cable car straight into it. Or just have a nice work out by walking. Don't forget your sunscreen, your sunglasses and a jacket because of the chilly wind. At first sight it might be just a busy nieghbourhood full of little asians and stores and tourist stores and grocery stores and noise and people and more people pushing you in the masses on the crowed jammed sidewalk. But hey, there are a few things we discoverd. A weird temple on the top floor of a warehouse. And yes that's aactually all we discoverd. Murals again. And we ate some veggie, no sorry, VEGAN chinese. Very very cheap but not always that good. At the time we ate it and we liked it.
We're budget travellers, but if you want to spent your moeny on food: chances enough. We did it the very local way in very local joints.
When you don't like crowed places: get there in the morning. When you wander off the sides of Chinatown, where no tourist are: you prolly get swarmed by the lcoals doing their shopping and goign out for dinner in the local joints. And they don't mind you. It's a stram and if you don't go with it: you get pushed. your own fault. keep walking. Quite Amusing. Watch your stuff and pockets. Not beause of they do pickpocket you, but because elsewhere in the world you'd be pickpocket in that situation.

chinatownSan FranciscoSan Francisco
views from the secret temple

San Francisco

San Francisco

San FranciscoSan Francisco
our bikeride to and over the Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco

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