After visiting the Grand canyon and actually missing out on the great wild life that seems to be living there, we moved on to Arizona. Again East and more desert, more dust, more vastness, more stunning nature.
As to the wildlife, I'm actually really disappointed. If you are jsut a tourist and you don't make long hike of the tracks, the chances to see some beautiful animals is very small. An oocasional lizard, tons of birds, a rabbit, and almost domestic deers, it is as far is it gets when you keep yourself in the middle of the tourist centers. Anyway, nautre offers so much paintings beyong one's fantasy so actually I really can not complain.
The trip to Page was a long one....due to a blocked road which made us do 200 miles longer to get there. Page is in the middle of an native Indian reserve I believe. So Indians live here and we see some camper-villages in the red desert dust. Some heavy industries also and then just a city...Page lots of big supermarkets and our Comfort Inn straight nearby! The city center is jsut a 10 minutres ride a few miles further. There you can go eat (not that much choices though), yuo find a tourist office with very helpful people (i really wonder if they have somethig else to do then just sit there an knit or something) and then you have some agencies that sell tours. Tours indeed because this desert and nothingess hides some really really beautiful natural treasures!
So the info sheet i got from the tourist office told me the several trips on what day hours and rates for adults, children, toldlers and babyseats,...So we choose the one that fit our needs most. And we booked a tour to Antelope canyon, somewhere in the morning at 10 o'clock. We head the Indian people were not that friendly and indeed booking was almost somethign annoying for them. I must correct myself as on the day itself our personal tourguide did a magnificent job showing us around, giving lots of explanation and pointing out the musthave pictureangles and even doing it for tourist which really can not handle their cameras.

Horseshoe Bent

But first we went eating something. A nice burger. and then we wnet chilling in the pool of the hotel, getting update with life at home on the wifi resting, doing some shopping at the mall, resting,...
One of the things I foudn on the internet was the Horseshoe bent, just 10 minutes ride from where we were and a short walk into the desert and then suddenly gaping from the abbyss lies a nice canyon with dark green water streaming thorugh it: the Horse Shoe bent: amazing how big that actually was, you couldn't tell from the pictures on the internet.
Ok, watch your step as yu want to have the picutres of the year as there's no safety or protection and when you walk on the border fo the canyon it can be that your jsut standign on some rock with nothig underneath, so if it breaks under your weignt, you're going down. Deep, Spectacular deep. A fine way to die definitely!
i went on my belly to the side :-)
Next day, Antelope canyon, ofter a small breakfast at the hotel we managed to get thre in time, changed our babyseat into the tourdriver's truck and with some 20 people we took off to Antelope canyon again in the desert off road.
There must have ben cheaper ways to visit Antelope Canyon. A 105 dollars per person is not cheap. But hey you don't want to miss this!
let's say: look at the pictures. They are selfexplanatory. And as I told you: tons of groups are visiting at the same time so you really have to follow the instructions of your guide but if you do you have plenty of time to get a nice view and a nice photo to show off at the homefront.
Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon

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