USA - Bryce Canyon - Zion Park

And further west we went to the forests of the Red Canyon and Bryce Canyon. Where the cold wind blew and toook our breath, just like the amzing landscapes did. We're almost ending our trip and still natures wonder's makes our mind having the one after the other blast.
And chipmonks, squirrels and stuff, always fun.
We stayed somewhere at the crossroads between Zion and Bryce, in a best western Thunderbird Lodge, where i had my won 'logde' quite spacy, nice bathroom, aircooling, nice restaurant, shop, wifi did work after a fex tries and complaints, gas station, and golf course. Pretty cosy,
Bryce Canyon you can do all of it by car. If you really want you can go hiking in it. If you jsut wnat to enjoy the spectacular views, well drive rom the one viewpoint to the other.

Lonely Rock
leaving page, you pass Lake Powell, youcan go to the great beach wher eyou have a view on Lone Rock. Amazing isn't it?

Zion Park we didn't quite vist, i tried to do it in an afternoon, but i realized Zion park is a hiking park more then the others. The shuttle brings you from the one stop to the other. At the stops there's nothgin to see. They are all arriving or starting point for hikers. Never the less, driving the scenic road through the cayon really is worht it and we did have to do it whil leaving back west to the coast.
Red Canyon
Red canyon on the way over the vast plains to Bryce Canyon. I think you have to watch out as all tourist tend to stop their cars suddenly to take pictures.

And so we did. With a stop in a motel in Barstow, cheap, but not bad. Of all places in the godforsaken nothingness we came across some West-fluten verdikke. We were not social to them ha! we don't like to meet our own kind when abroad :p
So in the sun we arrived two days later in Arroyo Grande. Again a Best western with pool and with some nice restaurants on the high way across. We did try the Steak House: full of taxidermic wildlife: you can't even think of so many animals!! And great service and what portions and children friendly. We really did enjoy the noisy family restaurant (we were in silence on our won for too long hahah!)
Well that was a nice meal. Damn I can't remember the name of the restaurant.
The next day we went to Pisco Beach. Wrong choice. Worse then Blankenberge. As to the people. god white trash all over. Seems we had to go to pebbel beach in stead. a pity we didn't know.
But we enjoyed some special bakeries pastry there.
So we took highway 1 the coastal road: beautifull scenery. Makes me think a lot like te Corsican coast. great for driving, but not while passengers tend to get wagonsick :p
Last stop was Monterey. There was even a rollerderby-bout that evening. But we did not see a single spot o what Monterey had to offer as this was just a stop before taking the plane in SFO.
Getting to SFO was quite easy, just keep your eyes open when arrving to find the way to deliver the rental car.
And after 11 hours of flying: back home again!!!! in cold weather!!!! aaargghh!!! I wanted to leave again!
Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon
Zion Park
Zion Park

O yeah we did visit Hearst Castle too! I was thinking that would be a tourist trap. But it is really interesting to see. We did take the general tour so we didn't visit the rooms except for the main rooms.
It is maybe a tourist trap as you need to buy several tours to visit the whole of the domain. But Hearst was a remarkable megalomaniac. Well they consider him a hero. I don't have heroes ;-)
Hearst Castle
Pacific Coast
californian dreaming

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In Bryce ben ik toch te voet afgedaald. Grappig: boven schroeiend heet en naarmate je afdaalt en het contact met de zon minder en minder is krijg je het kouder en kouder.

Posted by: poeterbie | 07/26/2013

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