South-Korea - Gyeongju: the last days to seoul and Back Home

This last day in Gyeongju was a bright sunshiny day! Hell Yeah!! We ate breakfast. I went for a coffee (again) and then we went renting a bike.
There a lot of rentals in Gyeongju. Just walk Westwards. According to the guide we took one shop that had good quality bikes, but my tires were not that good pumped haha!.

It took just a few minutes to reach the fields full of little roads used by the farmers to cross their fields. The scenery is amazing. But our guide didn't know the road hahah so endless stops and it looked that we didn't move at all. Suddenly she recognized the road. We followed it. We neglected touristy sight-signs and I decided to follow them to have at least something to see. The group followed me. And they were happy they did: we saw rock-carved buddha and a hidden tumulus of Queen Seondeok dated 647!!!! Lying in a beautiful forest.

I don't know why we didn't know where to go: the one and only roadsign we could read said "café" :-)

Most returend the bikes. As well did we and we went again exploring the city. The neighbourhood in the west is full of strange theme-motels. The pictures outside of the flashy arty-farty-rooms seemed very attractive, kitch to us as well as a bit douchy hahah!
We found again a nice traditional restaurant to lunch and visited the tumuli in the sun this time. Of course our stop at Café Tiamo's for a coffee and an icecream was obligatory :-)

In the late afternoon we walked East fo the city to explore the flowerpark, the forest behind it, the very touristy folkvillage and we discovered the oldest ancient bridge ever: the wol-jeong bridge.

In the night we had a king's meal, which was not really a kingsmeal but the most rich table ever. Though to be honest the food wasn't that great as always.... but it was fun as we thanked our guides and gave them a funny present!

In the night we went walking the same things by night again, but any of my night pictures show something: if you photograph the dark, you get the dark haha! What a nice ending of a very interesting beautiful trip!

panorama with cellphone

The tomb!

The rock-carved Buddha!

The faced and the faceless

switching sunglasses

traditional lunch!! can you believe it???!!!

we can't get enough of the tumuli

the Woljunggyo birdge: we can't go up there because it's a historic monument!

King's meal - the last supper with DJ

the next morning we drove back by taxi to the trainstation, arrived in Seoul, took a taxi to our Baiton Hotel again. Had just a few hours to explore the city. Me and my mate split up after we found again a traditional restaurant to eat. I went to the war memorial Museum. I wandered there for a few hours! Didn't visit the outside collection of old weapons as tanks and planes... went walking a lot , went visiting the mall next to Yongsu station: full of second hands technology, got offered a lensexchange for my camera, took the metro back, freshed up in the hotel.

We ate barbecue to end the evening, packed up went wiht taxi's to the airport as the shuttle was already closed down. And despite the MERS-epidemic growing we went unchecked to Dubai and unchecked to EU. We're in Amsterdam we could buy some tickets for the Thalys to get home. Which saved us moer than an hour than by regular train :-)

Home sweet Home!!!

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Nice gallery my friend. We'll visit Seoul too in this autumn, i hope i can take such a beautiful pictures from there!

Posted by: Albert | 07/15/2015

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