South-Korea - Yeosu day 2

Thursday 28 may 2015 - Yeosu day 2 (all pictures copyright myself unless otherwise mentioned: smartphone and dslr)

yeosu central city local market

don't you think all the old Korean women look all the same? :-)

In this hotel I found breakfast a bit poor, mostly due to the fact there was no good coffee! So I went outdoors straight out of the hoteldoor to the coffeebar to get some hot americano. Not iced. Don't get it why I would drink iced coffee... something Korean I think. So we're ready for the next level. With taxi's we drove to the ferryterminal. The ferry terminal is right in the city close to lots of shops and markets where we ought to find some lunch. Also the ferry tickets were on name and left punctual. It's kinda an old boat with place for some vehicles. We really enjoyed the sight on all the islands and fishing boats. I missed the Dolphins!!! Aaarggh for that second that I closed my eyes.
Anyway after one hour and a half we arrived at Guemodo island.

my only selfie with the Korean flag :-)

call the ships to port, actually this is when we left :p

arrival point Guemodo Island
We had two options: we could walk an esay walk along the coast, or we could do a more challenging climb in the hills. With a 6-7 people we choose the hike in the hills. We saw some viewpoint far out on the hills and most people didn't think that was the point we were headnig to but as the hike was a small 2 km long I kinda expected to arrive over there. So we started walking but a few hundred meters it was clear we didn't have to follow the road but had to look for a path leading up in the hills. And so we found it and there it started. What a hike! Again the steepness could easily compete with the hikes I did in the Mountains of Corsica of Nepal... it was 30 degrees and no wind in the forest :-)

where the F are we??

I liked the path very well, beuatifull not to hard, great nature. Me and my mates were long ahead of the rest and just when I thought that we had reached the poitn were nothing was to be seen, we finally came acroos a board. But it said everythign in Korean so we didn't have a clue where we were. I decided to go a bit further where the path was already leading downwards and then suddenly the trees went aside and I was at the viewpoint!
It took an average of a big hour to 1u30 to reach it.
We rested and enjoyed the beautiful view over the other islands and the ocean.

'olsan rechtendeure', always straight on

still no clue but I am on top that's for sure!

voilà!!!! magnificant and worth the hike!!!

The way down went lot's easier of course and faster.
We were at the ferrypoint very early while the rest was still somewhere at the other side of the island, we waited an relaxed for a few hours till the ferry brought us back.
Everybody wanted to go back to the hotel but me and my mate decided to explore the city: why wouldn't we take that chance?
After a few minutes we bumped into Café de Paris. They seemed to have coffee and smoothies. So we entered. A very friendly nice lady which clearly ate to much of her own cake sat in the tabel at the wall. I mistook her for a customer til she broadly smiled at us and came to serve us.
The paper of the walls were a stitch of French newspapers and at our table Tom Boonen was featered. The cussions were cats, so this was the closest to a cat café we were eveer getting I suppose.

I took this kind of cinematographic picture. The guy was a acquaintance of the lady apparently and they both waved us enthousiastically friendly out when we left their café.

cafécafé, yeosu :p

Nightfall: we did some shopping streets, wandered one way in a street full of restaurants, did it the other way round, decided to go back to one of the first we saw were some old people were dining. Good choice. Didn't know this time neither what we ordered, we just pointed at the table next to us and waited till I was served.
When we misunderstood the price. We took the American 7 for a '1' we tought first it was the price for one person... we kinda felt being rpped of but as I got the big money out, the man made refusing gestured and jsut took some small bills out of my hand. This honesty is much appriciated so the dinner was 27.000 for two persons and not 21.000 or 21.000 each :p.

soupdish with a very big fish in it

We went back to the ferry point and the square were some tens of people were doing Korean zumba in the open air.
There was a big turtleship which was open for visitors. So we went to take a look and I posed with one angry warrior.

We searched a cab to go home. I had asked our local guide the fee, she said 5000, so I showed my hand to him signing 5? and he said no: and showed only three fingers and pointed a a bill of 1000 won. Again, this honesty is much appriated. We were home in e few minutes and joiend the others at the tabel in front of a store where we could buy some beers or other drinks. Again a nice day in South-Korea.

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South-Korea - day 4 - Yeosu

view from the yongsu station, seoul

Wednesday 27 may 2015.
After breakfast we took the KTX-train to Yeosu in the South of South-Korea. This city is where hardly any Western tourist comes, how nice. KTX-train is the fast train. Punctual as always in Korea.
3 hours later we arrived at Yeosu station, called two taxi's to transport our luggage and one groupmember and we went on foot to the classy hotel. We were at the expopark. The real city was some miles away.

our transitbus to the yongsu trainstation, Seoul

lady makes chocolate cookies in the trainstation of Yongsu

Yongsu trainstation interior

Yeosu train station

The expopark served for the world expo 2012 it seems. But still in good shape and open for the public to stroll around. We didn't see any visitors except for a few lonely walking people.

We went to see the viewpoint at the bay. A short climb and then we wlkaed to the island where you can walk around different paths in the forest (luckily because the sun was still very hard at 18u) to the 'penis tree' lol and the light house. You can enjoy the dancing fountain with famous classical (artyfarty) tunes a barefoot path and the infamous medieval (or even older!!) turtleships: battleships that were used against the Japanese invasion. Replica's though.

penis tree :-)

viewpoint to the island where were were heading to

me and my other Belgian friend

After the group activities me and my mate went for te city (or which we believed was the uptown city) actually the city was miles away to the other side: this was just an uptown village, really something different as there was nothing just little houses some schools and lots of motels.

and of course there were people on the streets selling their stuff. This image is fantastic I think: rubbish and two old ladies having fun while waiting for a customer to buy their selfgrown vegetables.
No idea how good business was as the streets were empty besides me and my mate.

This first day in Yeosu we went eating with the group in a good restaurant: baked fish: the first we had! nice!

baked fish!!

having fun with our group

trying the local rice/grain water for free in our fridge.

trying an enormous snail... shellfish... escargot but lots of times bigger.... for the lovers only...


South-Korea - Seoul - Gangnam

Tuesday 26 may 2015.
Well as I'm writing this, I probably found an explanation of the calmness in the public streets (outside shoppingsstreets) and in the subway: MERS. Reports say that people are avoiding public places. So I really would like to have experienced rush hour and normal citylife. Anyway, this second day of Seoul me and my mate decided to go into the heat again and travel to Gangnam. Metro for more than half an hour. Upperground. Endless skyline and crossing the big river. Enjoy the ride!!!
Impressionante! Gangnam is the business district and it's really worth it, to take a big stroll. We passed the Hyundai building COEX-shopping mall,

the Buddha Bongeunsa temple:

Some little streets with food and the park: admission fee only 1000 won!!!! where you can find the UNECSO-protected graves of some longforgotten kings: Seonjeongneung (Royal Tombs of Joseon Dynasty). My mate took this pretty picture:

Picture by Bart M.

We had our daily smoothie afterwards at Angel-In-Us Coffee and took the metro further to the Noryangjin Fishmarket. This is the biggest fish market i've ever seen. You can spot all kinds of shellfish, werid fish, crabs, fish, seafood,...

We wanted to taste it and went upstairs to find a restaurant. The lady made wild gestures en talked to us, but we didn't quite understand what she wanted of us, then it popped in our mind: we had to buy fish and then they would prepare it! Ok, she went down with us, we bought some "sashimi"-fish: they caught it in a net, threw it on the ground on his back: so we saw the belly was fine and the fish healthy: then they slammed the head with a hook (I don't think the fish was dead...)
and then we had to go back to the restaurant after we bought 4 red schrimps too. The fish went 35.000 won and the schrimps 10.000.

(Afterwards we asked prices at the market and it turned out to be 20.000 - 25.000 depending on the size of the fish.) We ordered soup too... didn't realize it was a fishsoup as a separate dish for anouther 20.000 and she asked if she had to BBQ the schrimp, yes we said.

Ok we sat down at the traditional table, with shoes off in a plastic bag and looked around the other clientele how they were eating. Quite amusing , people ordering spidercrabs and posing with it.
Only five minutes later our fish cam in freshly cut sashimi: what a big portion!!! then the soup came!!! another enormous bowl. And our exteremely good cuisined schrimp... We didn't care about the ripp off...but as told we checked prices afterwards.

What is really worth doing is when you go with the metro from Gangnam to the Noryangjin fishmarket, pop-out at the Seoul National Cemetery. It's great, there's a war memorial too and the fields with graves stretch out as far as you can see.

In the evening we went eating barbecue again! in the Hongdae district: the univcersity hood were lots of young people go out and eat and yes the strets voer there were quite crowded. We entered some karaokebar afterwards, guess you must have don this once :-)


South-Korea - Seoul - day 2

Monday 25 may 2015

This was the first real day that we had to spent in Seoul, South-Korea's vivid capital. Though it didn't feel like any capital. Streets were pretty empty, traffic didn't rush nor was it stuck in traffic jams.
Update: mayby this was due to MERS and people avoiding public spaces. We didn't worry about MERS. Mouthmasks were more a fashionstatement, then something serious. And be honest: where in Seoul do you have dromedarissen? camels or something else?

First we bought a T-moneycard and uploaded money on it. We could thus easily take any metro, bus or even taxi and other services with that single T-money-card. It's like the Oystercard in London, but in London I got pretty ripped off by that card, yeah how dumb can you be, well I don't know but it did ripp me off by wrong use and due to circumstances. Anyway in the end T-money-card in Korea proved to be solid and most practical.
The Gyeongbokgung Palace, the greatest of Palaces in Seoul was the first thing we visited. Soon our way departed from the group. The story will continu with pictures and comments on those pictures.

The first thing when you get upground from the underground is this view. The old ancient gate with the new skyscrapers in the background. Protect your eyes and your head from the beating sun if you are sensitive to it.
Funny to see all those umbrella's.
Oh yes this was the first place where we encoutnered the smartphone-selfie-addiction of Asian people. So I joined them.

The Palace has a nice park with a pond and lots of rooms and pagoda's. You can walk freely almost everywhere.

Samsung S3 neo selfie :-)

From the palace of Gyeongbokgung we walked westwards to the other park and palace, which we didn't enter. we strolled a bit amongst the more modern hipster neighbourhood with restaurants and shops and art galleries and then we crossed south straight to the Namsan Tower of Seoul. The walk to the top of the Namsan Tower takes more than 1.6 km from the starting point! You can take the cable car if you like. The hike goes upwards. Upwards in the sense of Belgian upwards: steep!!! It is worth it, but my mate died several times going up :-) You come across the stream of local tourists doing the same thing. When you finally reach the upperdeck of the mountain at the foot of the N Tower it's disappointing. Hahaha shops, bars, snacks, lots of loud people, crowded like hell and those love-padlocks all over the place in the shape of a x-masstree... I kid you not!
Try to take a viewpoint and try to get some air by being overwelmed by the sight of Seoul.
Take the cablecar down for only 6000 won (pretty expensive if you know the entrance for the palace was only 3000) but hey: we then walked for another couple of hours so, we needed to save some time :-).

selfie in the cable car down. Well not all the way down. We walked again some minutes downtown and ate a local lunch.

Porksoup with dumplings and rice in a very local rerstaurant.

After that we took the metro back to the hotel where we joined the group again to go to some neighbourhood in Seoul with the traditional houses: Seoul's Bukchon Hanok Village It's really nice to stroll around over there and watch all the Korean tourists wandering around.
After that we all went to the more shopping streets in the hipster Meyong Dong quarter and went to a temple to celebrate the birthday of Buddha. Quiet some experience to see all the lights and singing people.

The subway never was so crowed as this time. Mostly even in the busy neighbourhoods the subway is pretty calm. Strange in a city of millions.

Great watching point in the traditional neighbourhood: Bukchon Hanok Village

watching people posing for the same picture

Traditional rooftops

streetlife of local tourists

The shopping street. They have everything.

Inside the Buddha temple, I just joined the queue of people greeting Buddha :-)

And then we had some barbecue again in a restaurant that called itself " a good restaurant".

Afterwards we strolled the river, recreational park Cheonggyecheon: it lays down the streets, completely separated from streets with nice green and walking paths. There were lot's of light-art installations.

And then it was time to earn some sleep. With the airco on and most blankets of the bed :-)

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South-Korea - Seoul day 1

Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul

So, if you are a first timer or not, this is a travelreport about our journey to South-Korea. We are firsttimers. Me and my friends subscribed in a Dutch grouptravelagency Koning Aap. First time either with this agency. Didn't regret it.

Gyeongbokgung palace, Seoul, Totems are often very funny, used to mark borders and keep away evil spirits and demons of the village

What I liked:
- freedom to do what you want
- travelmonitor is just responsible for your transport and accomodation, organizes groupactivities and does suggestions
- the overall program
- the accomodations are really good hotels with more than just basic comfort and good breakfast overall
- we had a local agency that provided a local english speaking guide: she turned out to be a real asset for the group as to creating a good atmosphere and having fun.
- the cities: I am not used that they call a city of 300.000 inhabitants a boring sleepy place where there's nothing to find or do. It's strange but indeed these 'small cities' are very laidback in daily streetlife (don't know how workaholics behave in the office at that moment)
- tourist attractions: are way too cheap!!!!!! No way! what about 1000 won (about 0.80 euro) to visit a park in Gangnam? Or 3000 won (about 2,5 euro) for the Gyeongbokgung Palace? Why would one bother so visit everything you come across?

Gyeongbokgung Palace, pond, Seoul

What are the odds
- it's not really a cheap trip. So people that are used to South-East Asia low budget prices will have some problems saving money and will have to look for another kind of service.
- the food is extraordinary delicious: if you try the traditional kitchen that is and not the Korean Fastfood the hipsters and youngster eat in fancy places serving tasteless meals. But some disliked it. Sideshishes all over, and hot hot hot! Vegans and vegetarians will have troubles finding sufficient variety in food.
- cities are clean
- neonlights all over
- shoppng addicted people everywhere
- shoppingstreets are busy as in Europe, and loud music fills the street
- there's no traffic jams, pedestrians don't have priority, but cars really drive very slow in normal streets
- underground: there's more people underground that in the sunbaked streets: transfer in subway can take a walk of more than 10 minutes.
- safety: safest country in the world I've ever been: there seems to be no crime! people and also taxi-drivers are honest with prices and money.
- language: be creative to make clear what you want to order at a restaurant: point at the pictures, make slow clear gestures, or point at the thing your neighbour is eating.
- smartphones & selfiesticks all over: the one person we saw reading a book in the metro must be the one sole lonely weirdo of the group ;-)
- ...

Gyeongbokgung palace, Seoul, everybody is taking selfies, I did my best without a stick

- local train from Gent to Antwerp - Roosendaal - Breda - Schiphol Airport
- Emirates A380 to Dubai
- Dubai to Seoul
- it's a very long trip!

time for a salade niçoise and a smoothie in Dubai airport at Giraffe's

DAY 1 SEOUL sunday 24 may 2015
We arrived in the airpot of Seoul somewhere in the late afternoon. Our two local guides were waiting for us.
We were slightly screened for MERS and took a long queueing time in immigration...really...
Our Dutch guide lived in China, turned out to be a very nice guy with very dry humor feeling the dynamics of the group very well. Our Korean guide was a nice young funny girl. Kinda liked her very much in the end.

our first Korean Barbecue in Seoul

We took the airportbus to our hotel in Seoul for more than 1u30!!!! Aaargghhh!!!!
Anyway checking into the hotel with nice spacy clean rooms , good bath/shower, high-tech toilet! feel free to push every button you see! (don't complain about the consequences), free bottle of water, free wifi!! and airco made us feel welcome. And then we had our first Barbecue with the whole of the group in the streets around our hotel.

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Corsica - Sun Sea & Salt

For the second time in my life I went with the usual posse to Corsica.
Most people think of Corsica, as the place to be where crazy hikers go on dangerous yet fabulous mountain ridges, the infamous GR20. Well this is a travelreport for people that want to enjoy the scenery, but are not those freak-hikers, yet like a good stroll and a little hike without having the feeling you're in the army or need special equipment. Just like us, you wnat to wake up late in the morning, take a nice swim, have a brunch and then wnat to go out wihtin an hour drive to see the natural beauty of Corsica.

We were planning to go in june. But one of our friends who has never been there before, didn't want to go, due to the FiFA Wolrd CUp Football. He wanted to see every single match! My Friends told me, well, anyway it it cheaper in September and the sea is a lot more nice to swim in as june may still be cold water.
For me with the last two years no holidays, it was biting teeth but hey there it was. A bad summer in Belgium and hot weather in Corsica! This was our place to be: a big nice villa!

It looked in real like it does on picures, just a bit less chique. Vlsoe to the sea, lot's of space. A kitchen with fridge on the terrace. A great pergola where we lived all the time.
From Brussels Airport we flew to Ajaccio with Thomas Cook and got a Rental car a nice Peugeot Partner from Eurental I guess.

So First stop was the local decathlon to buy some of those new snorkling masks that cover the whole face... sold out. So I bought myself a regular snorkling mask. I'm so happy it did that!
We did a lot of hiking. But as we practically started the day at noon and we wanted everybody to have fun, the hikes were pretty short in time. The longest we did was a 5 hour hike. Which someone in good shape shoudl ahve been able to run it in a few hours. But beautiful scenery!
In Cargèse the littel town, we walked a bit around. The Greek Church is one of the most interesting places to hide for the sun.

the Hike Lac de Nino is really nice, not too heavy and is a pretty close drive to start off.

When we were driving to our villa, the first thing we saw, is fireplanes trying to estinguish the fire in the woods...very spectacular how they manuoeuver in the air and get water in the open sea

A must do classic along the coast is the short hike and climb!! To Capu Rossu Tour de Turghiu. It is not that long but is is a very rocky and steep climb to the top. Mind the heat and take a deep breath! Some tourists think it's just close to the coast and have no adapted shoewear and no water with them: mistake! Once you made it, you can really enjoy a breathtaking view along the Corsican shores.

Or spot some local wild life :p

While returning home and taking a fresh dive in the sea: you can find one of these:

Lots of these: seacumcumber, seasnail

The water is not deep and sometimes you find yourself snorkling in water of just 20 cm deep!! Mind the sharp rocks!!! You can go further and spot some bigger fish. It is amazing what you see. Lots of fish and other creatures if you are lucky: we spotted an octopus from close by and a murena. My friends caught even some fish, very little fish actually haha!

If you don't like the mountains, you can just have some easy walks along the shores to some old towers

dream away

there are of course very nice forests to walk in before you get higher in the hot sun or cold wind!

still walking to lac de nino!

And finally we've arrived!!! Lac de Nino! How rewarding! amazing! I went running up that hill and then literally ran off the hill til I joined my friends at the very very mystic quiet lake

see those mini mini frogs!! or toads!

Another very interesting walk is the walk to Girolata! A very very little town in a bay only accessible through hike or boat! We took the hike, le chemin du facteur along the coast. Wgich is a challenging hike along the shore with the sea right underneath you! So mind your step! And mind the sun!!!! when arriving in Girolata, it's very touristy...but have drink in one of the bars on top or eat something. We took a boat back but then it turned out we had to do a 45 minutes -1 hour steep walk to our parking spot! Really not for the one in bad shape! Luckily there was a small bar where we could have a refreshing drink before entering our cooked car.

One of the last walks we did was a very small walk in the surroundings of Vico

This doens't mean it is easy. the height of the highest point may be disappointing for people like me but the girls returned quickly tot the city and waited for me and my friend, os the way up was really challenging! So was the way back!!!

Whatever you want to do in Corscia - it is the place for you! sunbathign at one of the beautifull beaches, snorkling in the sea, hiking, strolling around, havnig drinks and food in the restaurants or bars, cooking your meals yourself, what we did a lot! It is so much fun!!! I'll be back! Oh warning: tiger mosquitoes!!! they are hell!!!!


London Baby!

Een weekendje London. Voorspoed bij naspoed. Een Festival in een godverlaten gat dat via Kickstarter een fiasco werd en dus bij gebrek aan funds geannuleerd. So far for Alt-fest. Hotel geannulleerd. Kostenloos. Tickets: die zien we nooit meer terug ;-) al werd de procedure ingezet en was de informatie het refunden van de tickets zowat de enige professionele email die we kregen. Zo professioneel dat het bijna moest lijken alsof het nooit ging gebeuren en ons even te paaien zodat ze wat ademruimte kregen tijdens de tsunami van verontwaardigde reacties.
Anyway, move over world.

Met 5 oude gothic richting London dan maar. In een opel vectra break. Lekker comfortabel. Mijn auto werd geannulleerd en aangezien de annulatieverzekering van VAB niet geldt voor de annulatie van events, maar enkel bij werk- familie- en gezondheidsgerelateerde redenen ben ik dit geld ook kwijt. Wel mooi van Eurostar / Eurotunnel om me te wijzen op de mogelijkheid van refund indien mijn annulatieverzekering van toepassing was. Bij deze VAB, ik verleng mijn annulatieverzekering niet omdat ze niet dekt waarvoor ik ze neem. Had ik moeten weten waarschijnlijk op voorhand. Aangezien niemand mij kan uitleggen waarom de verzekering van de CM ook niet voldoet als reisbijstand, zal ik ook deze niet meer verlengen.

Dat dat goed werkt die Eurotunnel. Ze herkennen je auto al als je je aanmeldt aan de automtische check-in. Beetje later stonden we op onvaste eilandbodem richtgn London Newham. Newham de wijk waar ik geen oog dicht deed toen we verleden jaar met de Gent GO-Go Roller Girls in het ermbarmelijke Globetrotter's Inn verbleven. Letterlijk, zonder overdrijven de hele nacht door om de paar minuten helse sirenes. Enkel glas. Stalen niet zo stevige krakkemikkige stapelbedden enzo meer. Dat we de wedstrijd verloren de dag erop zal misschien ook een beetje aan de verloren nachtrust hebben gelegen. Om maar te zeggen dat ik mijn hart vasthield. Maar het hotel bij de Paki's. Een hele paki-wijk daar zaten we, viel heel goed mee! Chance!
Ferm gejost aan de Oystercard! je neemt veel beter een travelcard met meerritten. We hadden door vergissingen af en toe de maximumfare aan on sbeen en door spporlijnonderbrekingen moesten we terugkeren en ook die ritten werden dus aangerekend terwijl ze ons niet op onze bestemming brachten. met een travelcard reis je zoveel je wilt: verkeerde lijn en rit kost je dus 'niets'.Anyway: het openbaar vervoer in London is duur. Aan de oystercard heb ik persoonlijk ruim 40 pond verloren, door vergissingen. Eigen schuld dikke bult, kan je zeggen want het is maar in badgen en weer uitbadgen. I know.
check it out yourself.

Tijd voor foto's. De helft staat op facebook. ha!

The Beauty of Gemina, live in London, acoustic set. fantastic!! jsut fantastic. I loved the SOS festival. Great venue, great gigs!

First sight in London city as we arrived from the Newham underground, trainstation and so on. The Tower. Gret place to wander around because you have every big monument there. Don't mind al the Tourists. Cross the London Bridge to the Shard. Wander around in the business neighbourhood. Al pubs are loaded with yuppies having drinks after work.

just when we sheltered for the shower. I could get this shot.

Camden. My frineds stayed there all day long. a sunny day! yes yes! I went by Foot throug all of London. Do this only when you can walk fast and have some endurance training. I Went from Camden to Regent's park. Wandered around took the business high society neighbourhoods to Hyde Park, along Baker Street, Oxford street with the Primark and stuff, the War Monuments and so on. Yes you can spot pimped Royc Rolls from the Arabic Oil states. They jsut fly those big cars over to driev in traffic jams in London. yes some do 'ave it.

Regent's Park - a haven of tranquillity in the big city. You can spot green parrot's in the trees and squirrels. In the ponds yuo can spot a lot of wildlife :-)

Hyde park, check it out yourself. You can walk for hours there.

fragment of the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. this is not how it looks :-) search for it yourself and be stunned by what a great concept it is!

Like I said: discover the chique neighboorhouds along Hyde Park with the embassies and so on.

i always pop in into some church to snap the interior.

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La Route des Champions - Ardennen

Verleden november gingen wij voor de zoveelste keer dat jaar van 2013 richting de Ardennen. ondertussen is de chalet waar wij gratis konden logeren verkocht, maar toen genoten we nog volop van de gezelligheid, het lekker tafelen, het plezier maken en het wandelen. Altijd leuk als je vrienden hebt die kunnen koken. Een winters stoofpotje gaat er altijd in. Op culinair vlak deden we ons niets te kort. En meestal vinden we in de buurt van Durbuy ook nog een lekker restaurantje.
Op fotografisch vlak leverde het ons dit op.

Een wit zwammetje. Wie dit kent, mag reageren!

Op het pad richting de chalet stond dit kleine knotszwammetje of heet het anders? Lekker in de nattigheid op de buik gaan liggen en fotograferen maar!

Iemand zijn ogen zijn groter dan zijn buik

heel klein paddenstoeltje.

Klassieker. En wie zegt dat mist geen mooi effect heeft op foto's?

Onbeschadigde vliegenzwammen waren amper te vinden. En die prachtige stinkzwammen helaas al helemaal niet, jammer.

Mooi niet?

De bomen van het bos

Mijn fantasie slaat hier op hol. Lord of the Rings en black metal.

Black metal is hier de uitgesproken soundtrack. Ulver, anyone?

Wat deze allemaal bij mekaar doen, weet ik niet.

Stekeltrilzwam. Prachtig niet? Lijkt op slijm maar bestaat uit allemaal kleine stekeltjes. the Aliens have landed!

En wie nu nog niet in sprookjes gelooft, is blind.

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