USA - Flagstaff - Grand Canyon

From Las Vegas to Flagstaff isn't that big for a roadtrip. But the difference in landscapes is. From the dusty vast desert planes to the mountains again, with woods and rocks and waterfalls en peaks with snow on.

Grand Canyon
Railroads crossing the landscapes. Old towns and villages of trappers and Route 66 stations.
Well well. Williams didn't feel like being interesing for lodging so we ended up again in a Best Western: pretty lam and old and shared accomodation and crappy wi-fi but we managed to install ourselves for 2 nights and enjoy the environment. Though we wondered of the wildlife park in Williams would have been interesting paying a visit.
We found a local restaurant which was pretty nice and we also went visiting the town itself. A bit charming. We were kinda cold, but the locals girl wore like almost nothing as temperature was risgin from deep freeze to a ultra hot 16 degrees... well we came from over 25...so i was wearing my fleece and the local pizza girl was being her sunny self in a light summerdress. I didn't care for it it added jsut that spice to the delicious pizza she served us.
Anyway the town of Flagstaff is a bit dead, it has some charactristics and it has it kind of people and dodgy sides. Apart from that you find everything you need: gs station, supermarkts all over and nature. Beautiful nature.

We kinda underestimated the distance to Grand Canyon. But taking te shuttle spared us a lot of time. The problem with the Grand canyon is it's too big. So big you can't even feel overwhelmed by it while standig on the edge as yuor mind has no ideao about the bigness of that thing.
And most of the shuttlestops jsut serve you the same view but different. Alas we didn't find and didn't look for the spot were you can walk over the canyon on a glass floor.
We were tired and returned home in the afternoon.
Breakfast in the best Western was not that great either but hey as said everythig you need in the supermarkts a few miles along the highway.
When leaving Flagstaff we tried to visit some other natural parks but as we didn't have time to hike over there, we just could imagine what we were missing out on.

So, Flagstaff: great stop to visit the GC in the middle of nature and of you want to hike: lots of possibilities.

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