South-Korea - Gyeongju day 2

We planned a bikeride, but when we woke up. It was all grey and chilly and slightly raining. So we decided to go to the Bulguksa temple by bus.
It's a very nice and big temple that we explored in the rain. It was also fun watching all the schoolkids in their colourful rainpojo's.

After that we went back home and with a couple of people that haven't been yet to the National Museum we went to spend some hours there.
It's free!! and it's more than worth visiting it! I like ancient arts & crafts and statues.

Me and my mate explored the city and found some good lunch. A kinda soup. Hot soup. In the rain for hours hahaha! Of course we had some nice coffee and icecream again at Café Tiamo.
And we were happy we did our hike and other explorations of the markets yesterday.

We relaxed a bit in the guesthouse and in the evening we went for in a traditional restaurant with some people that didn't wnat to join the rest that wanted 'western food'. We joiend the group afterwards , bought some drinks an had some fun in the kithen till sleeping time :-)

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South-Korea - Hadong - Busan - Jagalchi Fishmarket

Sunday 31 may 2015.
Today is the last day in Hadong. This morning we have free time till we leave with the noontrain to Busan, the second big city of South-Korea.
As we have nothing to do, we stroll the park behind our hotel. It's a sunny and hot day again, it fels nice but very warm after the days of cloudy and wet weather. Of course the park is a steep hill again... And again beuatifully decorated, clean, nicely gardened. We enjoyed the viewpoint.

At noon we took the train to Busan. Not teh KTX. So the train made a few stops. we could enjoy the scenery of the agriculture from the window. Around 16u30 we arrived at the Busan station. we took some cabs to drive us to our Hotel. The problem is the hotel seemed to be in a carfree pedestrin zone and the driver who didn't talk english seemd not to be albe to know where to put us off and wanted to call our guide. It took some phonecalls here and there to get DJ's number and then finally he knew where to deliver us. OK we checked in in this beautiful hotel in the hear tof the shopping streets of Busan. Busan seemed lots more busier then Seoul. Lot's more traffic, lot's more people, lot's more noise in the shopping streets where every shop had someone outside: shouting, calling publicity to attract customers, even fortified with microphones... imagine the noise.
But hey this city is vibrant and vivid and seemd even more endless then Seoul.

So we freshed up, and gathered to go for a walk to the most famous fishmarket: the Jagalchi fish market. Not only in the open air but also in two buildings were you can eat.
Alaways nice to stroll around see those kind of weird fish, see the local streetfood and smell it and taste it. We ended up in a tourist trap. hahaha.
When I asked what the difference was between all those restaurants our local guide said: "there's no difference, 'cos they are the same, all the fish comes from the same sea."

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South-Korea - day 4 - Yeosu

view from the yongsu station, seoul

Wednesday 27 may 2015.
After breakfast we took the KTX-train to Yeosu in the South of South-Korea. This city is where hardly any Western tourist comes, how nice. KTX-train is the fast train. Punctual as always in Korea.
3 hours later we arrived at Yeosu station, called two taxi's to transport our luggage and one groupmember and we went on foot to the classy hotel. We were at the expopark. The real city was some miles away.

our transitbus to the yongsu trainstation, Seoul

lady makes chocolate cookies in the trainstation of Yongsu

Yongsu trainstation interior

Yeosu train station

The expopark served for the world expo 2012 it seems. But still in good shape and open for the public to stroll around. We didn't see any visitors except for a few lonely walking people.

We went to see the viewpoint at the bay. A short climb and then we wlkaed to the island where you can walk around different paths in the forest (luckily because the sun was still very hard at 18u) to the 'penis tree' lol and the light house. You can enjoy the dancing fountain with famous classical (artyfarty) tunes a barefoot path and the infamous medieval (or even older!!) turtleships: battleships that were used against the Japanese invasion. Replica's though.

penis tree :-)

viewpoint to the island where were were heading to

me and my other Belgian friend

After the group activities me and my mate went for te city (or which we believed was the uptown city) actually the city was miles away to the other side: this was just an uptown village, really something different as there was nothing just little houses some schools and lots of motels.

and of course there were people on the streets selling their stuff. This image is fantastic I think: rubbish and two old ladies having fun while waiting for a customer to buy their selfgrown vegetables.
No idea how good business was as the streets were empty besides me and my mate.

This first day in Yeosu we went eating with the group in a good restaurant: baked fish: the first we had! nice!

baked fish!!

having fun with our group

trying the local rice/grain water for free in our fridge.

trying an enormous snail... shellfish... escargot but lots of times bigger.... for the lovers only...


De Overmolen - wijkcontract Rouppe

Wat moet je doen als het je echt niet lukt om eens 5 dagen achtereen niet uit te gaan eten? Verandering van spijs doet eten. Je brengt wat afwisseling in je horecabezoeken.
Verleden week kregen mijn maat en ik een flyer toegestopt ergens inde Cellesbroederstraat, hartje Brussel door een ietwat verlegen zwarte dame gekleed in koksoutfit. Na een wat achteloze blik vond mijn maat dat de flyer toch een ander onderzoek waard was. Het bleek om reclame te gaan van het restaurant van VZW De Overmolen. Een welzijnsorganisatie met verschillende activiteiten, waaronder een horecaopleiding, gekoppeld aan een cursus Nederlands, voor langdurige ongeschoolde werkzoekenden. Een eerder project was bedoeld voor asielzoekers.

Meteen reserveerden we om dat eens te proberen. Op de site moet je doorklikken naar projecten en wijkcontract Rouppe, daar vindt je alle informatie.
Deze noen stonden we er dan, het personeel is wat onwennig en er wordt onder goedkeurend en sturend oog toegekeken door een projectbegeleider, maar het eten is eenvoudig lekker. Meer moet dat niet zijn, zeker niet als je weet dat een dagschotel slechts 6 euro kost, een dessert 1.50 en je kunt er ook nog soep met brood krijgen als voorgerecht voor 2 euro, drank is 1.20. En het is echt lekker. Belgische gerechten met een exotisch tintje, zo had ik de kabeljauw in een mooi sausje met gestoofde prei, gekookte aardappeltjes en rijstkroketjes. De twee flensjes met een bol ijs en chocolade saus als dessert kon ik er nog net bij proppen. Mijn maat had een Spaghetti Maison, met veel groenten en smaak.
Belangrijk vind ik dat ze bio-producten serveren. Dit keer niet van Oxfam, maar van het voor mij onbekendere merk ethiquable.

Probeer het zelf eens uit, waarschijnlijk lekkerder dan uw bedrijfsrestaurant en eens iets anders dan de overprijsde lunches in de normale horecazaken in Brussel.

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