South-Korea - Busan - last day

Tuesday 2 june 2015

This last day in Busan we really took it slow. Haha. I needed time to wake up like every morning and was a bit tired of speeding thorugh all the streets for more than a week now :-)
We took the bus to the Santorini of Busan. Gamchean Cultural Village.

The gamcheon village is a quiet town but open to visitors as Korea, Busan promotes this as the santorini of Korea. No need to explain why :-)
not every street/narrow alley between the houses, is accessible for tourists...this to not disturb the inhabitants

So we joined the group to the Taejong dae park where we could walk a 5 km coastal walk. And take some really funny pictures at a photobooth.

Jiwoo love story in Busan - photo exhibition

Afwards my mate wen ton his own to explore the city some more, I joine dsome others to visit the Busan Aquarium. A bit pricy: 25.000 won per person but I like fish. we were in tiem for the feeding time of the penguins: that didn't seem very handy in catching dead fish and the sharfeeding time: which was more a show for kids with divers among the big fish and feeding dead fish to the stingrays and one shark that didn't seem to be hungry at all.
anyway i love big fish haha

In the evening me and my mate foudn the best seafood dish ever: 35.000 won for 2 persons and more shells than we could count two big shells, one big crab, one big octtopussy that they came to cut with scissors at our table. We enjoyed it so much. All the previous fishdishes we had seemed to have been ripp off in coparison with this delicious food: adress: Big Seafood restaurant Busan.

In the night we went to Lotte Mall to see the fountain show

I found lots of Nemo!!!

full view of our delicious big seafood dish :-)

No idea what you get in there

The 13th floor of the skydeck of the Lotte Mall is just stunning!!!!

as is the view over the border :-)


Corsica - Sun Sea & Salt

For the second time in my life I went with the usual posse to Corsica.
Most people think of Corsica, as the place to be where crazy hikers go on dangerous yet fabulous mountain ridges, the infamous GR20. Well this is a travelreport for people that want to enjoy the scenery, but are not those freak-hikers, yet like a good stroll and a little hike without having the feeling you're in the army or need special equipment. Just like us, you wnat to wake up late in the morning, take a nice swim, have a brunch and then wnat to go out wihtin an hour drive to see the natural beauty of Corsica.

We were planning to go in june. But one of our friends who has never been there before, didn't want to go, due to the FiFA Wolrd CUp Football. He wanted to see every single match! My Friends told me, well, anyway it it cheaper in September and the sea is a lot more nice to swim in as june may still be cold water.
For me with the last two years no holidays, it was biting teeth but hey there it was. A bad summer in Belgium and hot weather in Corsica! This was our place to be: a big nice villa!

It looked in real like it does on picures, just a bit less chique. Vlsoe to the sea, lot's of space. A kitchen with fridge on the terrace. A great pergola where we lived all the time.
From Brussels Airport we flew to Ajaccio with Thomas Cook and got a Rental car a nice Peugeot Partner from Eurental I guess.

So First stop was the local decathlon to buy some of those new snorkling masks that cover the whole face... sold out. So I bought myself a regular snorkling mask. I'm so happy it did that!
We did a lot of hiking. But as we practically started the day at noon and we wanted everybody to have fun, the hikes were pretty short in time. The longest we did was a 5 hour hike. Which someone in good shape shoudl ahve been able to run it in a few hours. But beautiful scenery!
In Cargèse the littel town, we walked a bit around. The Greek Church is one of the most interesting places to hide for the sun.

the Hike Lac de Nino is really nice, not too heavy and is a pretty close drive to start off.

When we were driving to our villa, the first thing we saw, is fireplanes trying to estinguish the fire in the woods...very spectacular how they manuoeuver in the air and get water in the open sea

A must do classic along the coast is the short hike and climb!! To Capu Rossu Tour de Turghiu. It is not that long but is is a very rocky and steep climb to the top. Mind the heat and take a deep breath! Some tourists think it's just close to the coast and have no adapted shoewear and no water with them: mistake! Once you made it, you can really enjoy a breathtaking view along the Corsican shores.

Or spot some local wild life :p

While returning home and taking a fresh dive in the sea: you can find one of these:

Lots of these: seacumcumber, seasnail

The water is not deep and sometimes you find yourself snorkling in water of just 20 cm deep!! Mind the sharp rocks!!! You can go further and spot some bigger fish. It is amazing what you see. Lots of fish and other creatures if you are lucky: we spotted an octopus from close by and a murena. My friends caught even some fish, very little fish actually haha!

If you don't like the mountains, you can just have some easy walks along the shores to some old towers

dream away

there are of course very nice forests to walk in before you get higher in the hot sun or cold wind!

still walking to lac de nino!

And finally we've arrived!!! Lac de Nino! How rewarding! amazing! I went running up that hill and then literally ran off the hill til I joined my friends at the very very mystic quiet lake

see those mini mini frogs!! or toads!

Another very interesting walk is the walk to Girolata! A very very little town in a bay only accessible through hike or boat! We took the hike, le chemin du facteur along the coast. Wgich is a challenging hike along the shore with the sea right underneath you! So mind your step! And mind the sun!!!! when arriving in Girolata, it's very touristy...but have drink in one of the bars on top or eat something. We took a boat back but then it turned out we had to do a 45 minutes -1 hour steep walk to our parking spot! Really not for the one in bad shape! Luckily there was a small bar where we could have a refreshing drink before entering our cooked car.

One of the last walks we did was a very small walk in the surroundings of Vico

This doens't mean it is easy. the height of the highest point may be disappointing for people like me but the girls returned quickly tot the city and waited for me and my friend, os the way up was really challenging! So was the way back!!!

Whatever you want to do in Corscia - it is the place for you! sunbathign at one of the beautifull beaches, snorkling in the sea, hiking, strolling around, havnig drinks and food in the restaurants or bars, cooking your meals yourself, what we did a lot! It is so much fun!!! I'll be back! Oh warning: tiger mosquitoes!!! they are hell!!!!